Why rent4K?

As our name might let on, we are dedicated to one thing, and one thing only...providing a great library of true 4K, ultra high definition (UHD) movies and shows to rent. Right now, we only offer UHD Blu-ray disc rentals, and we might venture in to online streaming at some point, but hey, we have to learn to crawl before we walk.

Why do customers need to have an account?

We would like to think that everyone is as honest as we are, but we are realists. Similar to the above reasoning, it is a way for us to manager our inventory and make sure someone doesn't rent out our entire inventory, and then not return the discs. Unlike the standard Blu-ray (or basic DVD) cost, the 4K UHD discs are quite expensive, averaging anywhere from $25 - $35.  We currently offer a one disc at a time rental structure, with the hope to be able to offer multiple discs at a time in the near future. Once you register for a new account, we will confirm your info and activate it as soon as possible. As soon as it's active, we'll send you an email letting you know when you can start renting.

 Why 4k UHD Blu-ray disc? I thought online streaming was the new preferred way to watch?

All true moviephiles (sounds dirty but its not) already know the answer to that question. The 4K UHD Blu-ray discs are the best way to ensure that the movie you're watching is in true 4K quality. Obviously, you'll need a UHD Blu-ray player (and a 4K TV..duh),  but it really is the best way to watch UHD main stream theatrical releases. Current 4K streaming options are very limited in both content available and overall quality. While many online streaming options advertise "4K", it's a little known secret that more often than not, the video quality is not true 4K UHD. It might be slightly better than your "standard" 1080p, but still not true 4K, which is due to bandwidth capacity issues on most internet and cable providers.  

Most studios are beginning to offer 4K Blu-ray disc options on all new releases, however, a few are still holding out.. Some are even beginning to re-master older releases in 4K, so we think (and hope) that this will continue to be the trend.   

Is shipping free?

Absolutely. Shipping and postage are all paid by rent4K both ways (sending and receiving). No need to go buy a stamp. Each disc is sent with a two way mailer. Once you receive the disc, just follow the instructions on the envelope and drop it back in the mail at your convenience.

Monthly subscription pricing plans? Do you have them?

Yes. We have an $8.99 per month + $1.99 per rental plan. Still only 1 disc out at a time but we hope to be changing that soon. The quicker you return the disc, the quicker you can rent your next one.

Are there late fees?

Nope. At this point, you can only rent one disc at a time. No late fees, but you won't be able to rent another disc until the previous rental is returned.

Where do you ship?

Right now we only ship within the United States. We hope to expand in to other countries in the near future.


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